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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

E. Bad

Ok so i stopped smokin Mary J prolly like 7 months ago (yur welcome mom) .. cuz ya knw it just got stupid. The highest you'll ever be is yur first time so i just figured it was pointless to keep chasing tht high. Nd idc wht yu say in my eyes EVERYONE has thought about smoking before and theres nothing you can tell me to change my mind. Anyway i just celebrated my 19 th b-day the other day nd my boy said we should put one in the air just because it was my b-day and his "supposed last day" of smokin. So we did and i put in Erikah Badu Cd (Mama's Gun) . . . . . . now everyone knows she's deep, but when yu listen to tht backdrop musiq mixed wit her neo-souled melody under the influence. She made me take a new outlook on MY life lol. She prolly the deepest girl to ever come through. I think she should put out another CD too. PLUS she still bangn, lol. She need to come back out wit somethn soon. And by the way .. I do not support drug abuse at all lol. BUT! if you were held at gun point and the gunman told you to choose out of the drugs known to man. I would RECCOmend marijuana

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