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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Man's Trash...

Ok, my sister and I went to the thrift store the other day rite.. we go probaly as often as we can. Ive bought everything from security hats to members only jackets. So we get up in there, I find four Izod Lacoste sweaters and one ralph lauren coat for a total of $5. crazy rite? ...and ladies im not real big on what yaw wear i just know yaw look good when yu wear it lls. Anyway my sister bout an Oscar De La Renta blazer for $1. Now, idk who this man is, but my sister said he's one of those red carpet fashion designers. Example : reporter "what are you wearing tonight?" girl celeb "oh nothing, just some tiffany, D & G, and a little Oscar De La Renta" lol.
In my wardrobe i probaly have about 40-45% clothing from the thrift store, but you would never guess, unless you saw the little hole underneath the arm or something lol. My point, I would RECCOmend "good" thrift store shopping to all. Especially the church thrift stores, thats where we found our stuff. You don't have to spend alot to look good dude. Like Erika Badu said " my dress aint cost nothin but seven dollars, but i made it fly. I'll tell you why. Cuz im Clleevvaa" ,luv her

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