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Thursday, October 8, 2009

My First Blog

Wadup. So...... this is my first blog. People are the most UGH! things on earth. You honestly do not how to feel about them. One second they're :) and the next second they're (>_<). . . . . . .

ok, i dont even knw tht the hell im talkn about. Im sittn in front of my damn computer thinkn to myself omg wht should i say, maybe i should say something cool so people will look at my blog and say something. Honestly i dnt even care what anyone thinks to tell you the truth. I don't even understand blogs where people just talk about any and everything just because. And maybe people just want to feel like someone is actually paying them attention, thats why they stay on the internet all damn day talking about people day because they're sitting home eatting dry froot loops and room temp. water, lol. that was corny. And knowone will probaly even look at my stupid ass blog lls. shyt, i wouldn't either i were you. but um im not really one to write something because i have nothing to talk about as you can see lol. i just did it because it was my first blog. But um, yea thats about it i guess. Im just going to probably go comment on everyone else's blogs cuz mine are wack. And if your still reading this, you are very cool because i would have BEEN stopped listein to all this bull i just typed lol. peace

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